Friday, June 17, 2011

pc's and consoles(mainly ps3)

im loading the battlefield 3 clip from jimmy fallon right now and these comments(also op) are saying "oh you know its not as good lookin as the pc, but its still great". I enjoy having a pc and buying parts for it, but have you thought about it a little more? A computer is its meant to do pretty much anything, and mutli-task things. Now if you're talking about a PC gaming rig that's 2k+ for something that can run Battlefield 2,3, starcraft etc on MAX EVERYTHING. Of course it's going to look crisp and clean when you've spent that much money on a machine.. Now speaking of the Playstation 3. It released at $600, which after slim its now $300 and some odd dollars, and it runs pretty much exactly like a computer on High maaaaybe a few maxes in there depending on the game.. And you cant really really tell the difference unless you put them side by side.

So im spending $300-400 on something that's non really that different then on a pc(2k+). Hmmm, it just erks me when people say oh it's not as good as on PC. Ok fine!, We got it, you can have extra cripsness and draw distance, etc etc etc. But that should be something that's already in our heads, why do you have to say it... Ugh..
/rant off

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