Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twich tv chat; viewing on ps3

quick post just cuz.. I'm trying to figure out a way to have  my twitch tv stream chat up on my ps3.
I read that you can take embed code n put it on a site.. I'll try this blog and see if it works

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gaming urges

Isn't it cool how you've played an earlier game in a series and you thought it was okay, and had issues with it's combat or story etc. Then by listening or watching something you liked about the game makes you want to look at picking up the sequel or another title in the series.

 Feeling this now with Final Fantasy 13, feel like/hope the 13-2 is better that I'm willing to give it a go, and willing to endure the annoyance if it's not good..
Looking at review stars on sites though, says it's great.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TERA and Guild Wars 2

I'm obviously way more excited for TERA and have been waiting for it for over 2 years. I was looking up videos on tera to figure out what race I wanted for what class, and there are obviously Guild Wars comments that are saying hogwash. Soo I typed in Guild wars 2 on youtube and found a part 2 video of actual game-play of the more roguish stealth class with the flintlock sort of pistols.  Wow um since I have touched TERA I don't want to go to any other mmo, I'm always now saying to myself(what did/does TERA do in respect to this game?, What are the controls like?) Just a bunch of questions I'm running through my head and lots of the questions get meh answers.

 I got it, it's a video.. and that automatically isn't gonna be the graphics you will see on your own monitor. But really come onn, the grass, the landscape.. It looked worse then World of Warcrafts landscape(in any expansion). The thing that really made me churn was the movement when his character moved.. WHAT is that??! Any mmo I've played When you strafe or move toe the left or right your characters body twists and you are moving in that direction.. legs moving all that jazz. The character looked like she was skating across the ground.. No good walk animation, and when he was fighting and strafed around monsters he looked like he was skating again around the monsters. His legs moving slow as not to keep up with the run/walk animation and looks like he is skating/sliding.

 Lastly, they are comments but still a comment said look at this detail so much went into this.. Sorry it's real hard to pull off that much detail and small nice touches when the engine is very art like and more animated..
 COOL THING: The character screen.. you get a very nice open and detailed layout, and you get a 3d model of your character which is totally cool!!. Whether it is rotatable or not, I do not know..
Personally: 1 time fee per expansion, free after buying game, chat and supposed story with almost everything you interact with. So a game I see me picking up and playing off and on..

 Unless T.E.R.A. somehow fails like people are overactingly believing then I will probably move to GW2 and possibly back to The Old Republic.