Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KmartGamer E3

 Hi kmart.. So you wanna know why I'm interested in going to E3 huh, well it's quite obvious, but I'll tell you. 30+ gaming company's will be there, from all over the world. Showing off their products, and hoping to get good news by the end of the convention. To see and watch all this go on with thousands of gamers all around me, would take my breath away..(almost anyway). I would totally be excited to see and cover TERA from bluehole studios.. I've been craving the game when i found out about it 3 years ago.. So being able to play it and report my thoughts would be sweet. And the obvious choice would be SONY. last years home booth was alright, but to be there in person checking out all there latest and greatest games, along with Kevin Butler wooooo.. Twisted Metal baby!!.. also, I'd skip on over to Bioware and check out that astounding Mass Effect 3:).

As for how I discovered you guys.. here you go.
 you know you like that N7 persona :))

who wouldn't want to go to E3 with fellow gamers to blog about a big convention. ?
 Meet you guys who are so kind to pay for the flight, hotel etc.. to chill with fellow industry people would be "oh my god".

PS3 PS3! :D

also the genre which i think would be most interesting to blog about would be rpg's.

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